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MSP Supplier Diversity Program

Diversity and inclusion are of utmost importance to MSP Diesel Solutions and are at the forefront of our purchasing and supply operations. We strongly believe that promoting diversity strengthens our organization, and ultimately our community.


The purpose of MSP Diesel Solutions’ Supplier Diversity Program is to actively identify and source qualified Diverse Suppliers that can provide quality products and a competitive advantage, thereby, resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction. MSP Diesel Solutions is committed to establishing a strong Diversity Program that can assist in creating a positive economic impact by pledging to spend and adopt a procurement process that will afford opportunities for Diverse Suppliers.

MSP Supplier Diversity Program


MSP Diesel Solutions’ Diversity Program will be administered by the Purchasing Agent and managed by the Human Resources Manager/Office Manager, with oversight provided by the Vice President of Operations.

MSP Diesel Solutions’ Diversity Program is committed to building relationships and purchasing goods and services from certified businesses that are owned by minorities and women, in addition to small/disadvantaged businesses in each of our service areas (i.e., Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, and St. Louis, MO).

Companies that seek to conduct business with MSP Diesel Solutions must demonstrate the ability to provide high-quality goods and services that are competitively priced, must be credit worthy, and maintain a level of service that aligns with MSP Diesel Solutions’ “Mission Statement” and Hedgehog Concept.”


MSP Diesel Solutions’ objectives include:

  • Seeking Diverse Suppliers that have the capability to provide high quality goods and services and whose business aligns with the services provided by MSP Diesel Solutions.
  • Actively incorporating Diverse Suppliers as an aspect of the procurement process.
  • Effectively communicating the Supplier Diversity Program to internal and external customers.
  • Increasing MSP Diesel Solution’s customer base by collaborating with diverse markets.

An aspect of the Supplier Diversity Program is to provide ongoing training to team members of MSP Diesel Solutions to ensure that objectives are clear and concise.

The Outside Sales team will be instrumental in identifying and sourcing key businesses that align with this diversity program.

Success of the Supplier Diversity Program will be ascertained and measured by MSP Diesel Solutions ability to adhere to the aforementioned objectives, in addition to achieving growth of Diverse Suppliers. Measurement will be attained by increasing our diverse spend by 2 percent per quarter.

MSP Diesel Solutions may provide educational opportunities of its procurement process, its supplier diversity program. The policy may be changed at the discretion of the President to consider business changes.

Diversity Parameters

A “Diverse Supplier” is categorized as an entity that is certified and maintains at least 51 percent ownership managed and controlled by one or more minority persons, or non-minority women, or a small business entity that conforms to guidelines established by the United States Small Business Administration.

The primary categories that MSP Diesel Solutions recognizes and considers as an aspect of this Supplier Diversity Program are:

  • Minority-owned
  • Woman-owned
  • Small business/disadvantaged

Organizations interested in becoming a “Diverse Supplier” are required to submit the following documents for consideration via email at mspap@mid-southpower.com.

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council Certification, Certification ID or similar certification or self-identification form.
  • Current IRS Form W-9*
  • Current Certificate of Insurance
  • Current Sole Proprietor Waiver (if applicable)

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